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My PowerShell Healthcheck Script

Tuesday, September 1st, 2009

Like most admins I tend to “borrow” tools and scripts rather than “create” them. This script is no exception. I first got this script about a year ago from Ivo Beerens Initially the script did some cool things, but I sought to improve it and was able to get some additional information about VMDK usage that I wanted. Since that time many people have improved the script and others have come out with their own that I am sure are better than mine. But since I am demoing this script today I thought I should post it as well. I modified the script to support a port shifted vcenter, report on a specific datacenter as I manage multiple ones and wanted a separate report, added VM disk usage info, shared .css location for formatting and added a section on top 10 lowest VM disk free space. Hope you find it useful.