VMworld Thoughts

I don’t know what other people are experiencing, but this years VMworld has fallen really short after attending last year. The first issue is all the IT problems. My friends are teasing me because “if a conference of IT people can get it to work then who can?” I felt for the IT guys working the conference, but making things work is what we do. I had issues with the vSpehere bootcamp on Sunday, which was a total bust and waste of the day, only to get to my VCP4 exam yesterday to find out they are having slowness issues. My “timed” 90 minutes exam took well over 2 hours and I still had “30 minutes” left. Thankfully I passed that, but I was late for my lab and not able to attend. My first session today was also bad as it turned into a vendor pitch and had nothing to do with the title. It got me thinking about my presentation and hopefully it will live up to my own expectations. Lets hope things improve! 

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